Three Quick Weight Loss Tips for Summer

We all know lasting weight loss is a process that requires commitment and patience, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some quick weight loss tips you can follow to begin noticing some progress on your journey to become healthier.

Quick weight loss tips can be used to cleanse your body after a weekend of bad eating choices, give you more energy to hit the gym after work, and boost your metabolism in the morning. While we would argue you need a dedicated meal plan and fitness schedule to see your best weight loss results, you can follow these three quick weight loss tips to kick start your progress.

Cinnamon Berry Oatmeal

Quick weight loss tips #1 – Spice Things Up

Certain spices can help boost your metabolism – a great thing to do every morning. Our favorite spice of them all? Cinnamon. Not only does cinnamon help kickstart your metabolism, but it also helps regulate your blood sugar so you have more consistent energy throughout the day.

Try it out: Try the first of these quick weight loss tips by sprinkling cinnamon over your oatmeal for breakfast. The fiber in the oatmeal will keep you fuller longer, and the cinnamon will boost your metabolism for the first part of the day. Bonus: Your bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal will smell and taste like heaven.

Eat Smaller meals

Quick weight loss tips #2 – Eat more often

Did we just say that? Oh yeah we did. Here’s the quick secret to weight loss: eat more frequently and eat smaller meals. Instead of eating three large meals a day, eat five or six small meals throughout the day. This will help your metabolism stay at a constant rate of burning instead of speeding up and then slowing down all day.

Try it out: Prepare snacks for after breakfast and lunch. Try to space your meals out by two or three hours. You can add a snack after dinner if you’re hungry, but read the tip below to make sure you’re choosing the right evening snack for weight loss.

Time Carbs

Quick weight loss tips #3 – Time your carbs

We believe carbs are not the enemy. These fad diets that focus on cutting carbs are actually cutting an important part of your nutrition. While carbohydrates help give you energy throughout the day, this nutrient can also carry a high glycemic index, which means it has a higher sugar content and can turn to fat if your body doesn’t burn it all off. To have the best weight loss results, you want to eat your carbs during the day and try to avoid them after dinner, that way you have time to burn them off before this nutrient turns to fat.

Try it out: One of our favorite quick weight loss tips is what to eat for a post-dinner snack. Avoid fruits and go straight for the veggies. Chop a raw bell pepper, add in some cherry tomatoes and sprinkle on some feta cheese and salad dressing for a delicious post-dinner snack!

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