Skinny Box Helps You Burn Fat

Each Skinny Box contains 7 Skinny Packs made from all medical-grade ingredients, designed by food scientists for optimal weight loss. We have everything from Shakes, Bars, Crunchers, Cereals, Baked Goods, Desserts, Puddings, Entrees, etc. We have thousands who are following the Skinny Box Program and the weight loss stories are Amazing!!

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OUR PRODUCTS all have the perfect calorie and macronutrient ratio to get your body into a mild ketogenic state where your body begins to BURN your stored FAT for ENERGY.
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(Level 1) FATBURN

Choose 2 Shakes* per day plus any other 3 Skinny Packs and eat every 2-3 hours plus The 1 Meal that you prepare yourself to Skinny Box guidelines.

(Level 2) FURNACE

Choose 3 Shakes* per day plus any 2 Skinny Packs and eat every 2-3 hours plus The 1 Meal that you prepare yourself to Skinny Box guidelines.

(Level 3) FURIOUS

Choose 5 Shakes* per day consumed every 2-3 hours plus The 1 Meal that you prepare yourself to Skinny Box guidelines.

*Shakes can be substituted for puddings, hot chocolate, or cappuccinos.

How Does This Work?

Join the Club

FIRST, you’ll need to become a Skinny Box Lifetime Member. You’ll instantly receive coupon codes to use on four orders. *You must be a member in order to purchase products.

Build Your Box

AFTER becoming a member, click on any of the Build Your Box buttons on the site to start building your box. When it’s full, place your order and we’ll pack it and ship it to you within 2-3 days.

Do the Program

NEXT, click the navigation link titled The Program to see all the details on exactly how the Skinny Box EZ 123 program, including The 1 Meal, should be followed. It’s simple and anyone can do it.

Lose the Weight

That’s right! If you do the first two steps and then follow the program guide, you’ll lose weight and see an improvement in your overall health. Check out the testimonials below for more.

Our Customers Get Results

Over the years, I’ve tried several programs with minimal (if any) success at all. At my age, I had completely given up on ever losing the weight and certainly on overcoming the health challenges that came with it. When I was introduced to Skinny Box, I knew it was my last effort. What I didn’t know was, it would become my lifeline. I began seeing results immediately! With each passing week, the pounds came off and my pain began to diminish. Eight months later, I’ve now lost eighty pounds and am completely pain free! And while all of that is amazing, I’m most grateful for the way that this program has radically changed my relationship with food. I’ve always known that would be the key to sustaining any success. Through Skinny Box, I’ve learned so much about how food and my body work together and I’ve developed habits that keep me living a healthy lifestyle. Of course, it helps that the Skinny Box products are absolutely delicious! I feel so blessed to be a part of the amazing Skinny Box community and am excited to continue moving toward more health goals!

Lisa Mills

I’ve officially been using skinny box for one month. I’m down 14.6 lbs and -4.2% body fat. I’m a travel ICU nurse so sometimes work makes it hard to eat 100% on time or even hard to prepare any food (that’s when bars and snack come in handy). I also work night shift on this contract so I’ve committed to keeping my eat/sleep schedule the same even on my days off. I think that’s been the hardest. There’s a few times where I’ve just wanted to quit. A time or two when I had appointments during the day running on no sleep and technically no food since I eat at night and I just wanted to stop somewhere to eat to make it easier on me. Many nights my eating schedule got all messed up and I considered just restarting the program later. However, my health is worth it. I have over 100 lbs to lose and have big goals for next year! Anyways, thanks for all you do!
Caitlin Stinson

Just wanted to tell everyone who is just considering this plan and you have diabetes and high blood pressure. I’ve been on this for two weeks. I had just had a visit with my Doctor prior to starting this skinny box diet. My Doctor was not pleased with my A1C numbers and my blood pressure was too high and she even told me to take more meds to control the numbers. After being on this plan for a very short time, my fasting Glucose (blood sugar
numbers) have dropped back into the normal range which I haven’t seen for years and my blood pressure is finally where it should be. I have cut way back on my meds and I am so thrilled. The weight is coming off to. To me, this diet is a life saver.

Thank You Jason and his team for making this all possible. I’m so glad I found you and am now a founder of this wonderful company.

Nancy Chapman

80 pounds! Did you hear me 80 pounds!! I hit 80 pounds last week! That is 80 lost in just 5 ½ months! It is not about what I have lost, it’s more about what I have gained. I can now buy clothes in the ‘regular’ section of the store, I can now sleep thru the night, I can now fit into a booth in a restaurant, I can now easily tie my shoes, I can walk over two miles…and I like it, I don’t shutter when someone snaps my picture, and overall, I just feel good. I don’t constantly think about food. The biggest change has been to my 30 year marriage. I didn’t realize how the way I felt was affecting my marriage. I thought everything was his fault, much to my dismay I discovered it was me and how bad I felt in my own skin! We are now going on date nights every Friday and Saturday night, we took up country dancing, we have gone on walks, trips, and spent time playing with our grandson outside. I started this journey because quite frankly there was a pandemic that was killing overweight people at an astonishing rate. I started this lifestyle change so that I would live longer…only to discover I wasn’t living at all before!
Susie Schoeck

WOOHOO!!! 100 LBS GONE FOREVER! My journey began in February of 2021 and has been a lifesaver! After being on a similar program for a couple of months I began to look for something that was less expensive. Yay, I found Skinny Box, this was back when they were still testing out the brand before taking it public! During that year my husband had brain surgery and I had my 1st knee replacement. I stayed strict with the program and a few months ago I was taken off three blood pressure meds. I wasn’t able to move around much and losing weight was almost impossible for me till I found this type of eating lifestyle. My loss has not been quick (I am a slow loser) but has been sure and steady! THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!!
Pam Reeder

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